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Subsidies in India for Women Entrepreneurs

Women entrepreneurs are not sufficiently represented among the business community in India. Most women opt for household management after wedding and breadwinning responsibilities are left to the men. In recent days, there has been a shift in this attitude due to urbanization and women empowerment. To boost women owned businesses […]

Starting a Restaurant in India

The food and beverages industry is one of the fastest growing industries in India spurred by urbanization and a fast growing middle class. The food service industry is currently estimated at 75,000 crore and is estimated to reach 1,37,000 crore in the year 2015 by the Indian Restaurant Congress held […]

Starting a Recruitment Agency in India

With a population of 1.27 billion people and a vibrant younger generation, India boasts of one of the biggest and brightest talent pool in the world. This talent pool of young aspirants has attracted many of the leading companies from around the world to start their operations in India, as […]

Starting a BPO in India

The development of technology, growing affluence of developing nations and the reduction in international trade barriers has created many organizations with a footprint across the world. The growth of international trade and technology has also led to increased competition, resulting in organizations looking for ways to reduce their cost and […]

Myths About Private Limited Company

India has 126 unregistered business for every one registered business, as majority of businesses operate as proprietorships or partnership firms. Despite the introduction of new business entities like Limited Liability Partnership and One Person Company, the adoption of corporate entities is slow among the Indian Entrepreneurs. Popular notion and myths […]

How to Start a Business in India

Entrepreneurial aspirations among youngsters are rising along with the growing middle class in India. Technology has opened up numerous business opportunities and made starting and managing a business easier. Therefore, it is more rewarding than any other time to start a business in India. In this article, we look at […]


How to Start an Export Business

India is the 14th largest exporter in the world, exporting a wide range of goods and services. India’s exports are growing each year and in a recent report by HSBC, India is set to be among the top 5 exporters in the world by the year 2030. With the Indian […]

How to Start a Business with No Money

Starting a new business requires certain amount of capital. The amount of investment required to start a business would differ based on the business model and the business plan. However, the investment in the business has nothing to do with the success of the business or potential size of the […]

How Franchise Business Works

Franchising is the running of a business using some or all aspects of another successful business in partnership. In the past, businesses would provide the right to sell a product in a particular market known as distribution deals or distributorship. More recently, however, the concept of franchising has evolved wherein […]

Common Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

Starting a business requires a lot of planning and commitment. The list of things that need to be done for a startup business might seem like a never ending one. Adding to that, it is not certain that everything might work out as you anticipated, starting off as an entrepreneur. […]