25% to 50% Subsidy on Industrial Park in Gujarat

25% to 50% Subsidy Incentives to Industrial Park in Gujarat

25% to 50% Subsidy Incentive is available to Industrial Park in Gujarat.


What is Operative Period of Scheme?

The Operative Period of the scheme shall be Five Years from the date 07/08/2020 (i.e. date of announcement of Industrial Policy 2020) to 06/08/2025.


What is meaning of Eligible Institution under the Scheme?

Here, Eligible Institution means any Industries Association / Any enterprise registered under the Societies Act, Partnership Act, Trust Act, Companies Act or SPV constituted for setting up of Industrial Park shall be eligible to develop Industrial Park under this scheme.


What is Industrial Park?

Industrial Park means an estate which is developed in at least minimum area of 20 Hectares (2 lacs sq. meter) for establishment of minimum 10 Industrial Unit, and minimum 2 units for each additional area of 5 hectares or part thereof, to manufacture such as developed plot and having basic infrastructure facilities, sewage, power distribution, communication facilities, hostel for workers and such other facilities/services as may be required.

In case of Vanbandhu taluka minimum area required for industrial park is 5 hectares for establishment of minimum 5 Industrial units and minimum 1 unit for each additional area of 1 hectare.


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